Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Mini Rant

Darn cute, huh?

Today my daughter and I were doing a little shopping downtown. My daughter trips over the curb next to the driveway of a very busy parking garage. She looked like a low flying aircraft. She went quite a ways before hitting the ground. Just a few scratches. And no tears from my brave kid, even though I could tell she wanted to cry.

I really can't describe in words how I felt seeing her on the ground. It was certainly not a pleasant feeling. That intense feeling lasted only a minute, leaving behind a small knot of fear. I quickly realized she was alright. If she had broken her arm or leg, it would have been bad, of course. But we have health insurance. My family would not have been quickly on the way to bankruptcy.

My thoughts today have been with those who are not able to get health insurance. That intense, but brief unpleasantness I felt would not be so brief for the uninsured. That concentrated fear would be never-ending.

Yes, I have health insurance. For now. At this moment in time, we are a fairly healthy family. The insurance company is making a fair amount of dough from us. The CEO will be able to afford a better suit and eat a larger steak.

I cannot imagine what is must feel like to know that I couldn't afford to pay for my family's healthcare. However, I do know what it is like to live in a country that tolerates such a situation.

Every day that knot of fear in my stomach grows.


Ellen said...

So eloquently said. It isn't my country, but I DO NOT understand the opposition to reform. Actually, it's more that I'm afraid to.

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