Monday, October 19, 2009

Down the Housewife Hole

Like Alice in Wonderland, I have fallen down a hole. Not a rabbit hole, but a housewife hole, or perhaps a well.

Either the hole is very deep or I am falling very slowly. I am able to look around me as I fall. Looking at the sides of the well I notice that they are filled with loads of laundry and dishes. I can see toilet brushes and dish scrubbers. There are cupboards filled with items. I took a jar from one of the shelves as I fell past. It was labeled "Comet." I took a bottle from another cupboard. This one was labeled "409".

Down, down, down I went. I had plenty of time to think. "My family will miss me when they have no clean clothes." I hope there are no bats down here. I also hope there are no spots or stains. But I know they are on the bottom waiting for me. I ask myself questions out loud. "Will 409 get out all of the grease?" "Does salt get out red wine stains?" "How best to clean up all of that cat vomit?"

Suddenly, thump. I am at the bottom. I have fallen upon a heap of dirty sheets and damp sponges. I was not a bit hurt.

But I AM pissed off that this stuff has taken over my morning. Dang. I call myself an artist. How silly.

Anyway, I'm off to follow a white rabbit and see what comes of that. After I put those sheets in the dryer.


Jo James said...

I'm right down there with ya!

Leslie Avon Miller said...

Hi Kim: Waving from my hole - errands to run as well, and those cats! Walk right past a perfectly good hard floor surface onto the carpet by 6 inches and then do what they do... All weekend I was feeeling a bit grumpy about it all. If I only take care of home things and work my life fits. If I add walking, writing and art, it is squeezed too tight. How does one resolve it? I loved the way you wrote about this!

Chris said...

I was just thinking... Here I am at my job, and I can't do any housework, because I'm here. You are also doing your work, but yet it CAN be interrupted by housework. Maybe someday you can work outside the house... go there 8 hours a day like a REAL job (I say that with tongue way in cheek.)

Or... clean the house less.

lori vliegen said...

this story sounds vaguely familiar.....and i'm sorry to say that i think that rabbit led you down the hole to MY house....yes, that's right....the one with the dirty dishes, piles of laundry, and the bottles of cleaner that eagerly await to be used. don't worry....those sheets will be dry soon, and then.... let the artfest begin!! :))

ArtPropelled said...

Clawing my way out of the Housewife Hole ...... washing load after load of holiday washing and beginning to think I never went away. I think we need to take a stand. We are artists! Not drudges!Now where is that white rabbit?

jason said...

Oh, how I wish I had a wife sometimes. Or at least a dishwasher.