Saturday, August 22, 2009

Really Not Funny

Looks like my blogging world is shrinking.

I tried to comment on several blogs that I follow lately -- only to have my comments just disappear. If I see an additional box under the comment box that says "comment as" then asks me to "select profile", I won't be able to leave a comment. This seems to be happening more and more lately. Not only with blogs that I am new to either. Its also happening with blogs that I used to be able to comment on.

So if I'm a follower and you never hear from me anymore, you know why.

My followers seem to be disappearing too. Is anyone having problems leaving comments here? If so, send an email.

I'm starting to wonder if continuing blogging is a good idea.

I feel like Alice in Wonderland falling down a well. My original blog world seems to be disappearing. However, things that are disappearing are not being replace with anything (other than irritation). I wouldn't mind seeing a cat with a huge smile at this point.


Leslie Avon Miller said...

I see that my "choose an identity" has my goggle account already checked because I have logged into my blog and have just opened up another window to see your blog. I assume you are logged in to your goggle account when you try to leave a comment? I have no technical expertise to offer you, but I sympathize with your frustration.

Marty Mason said...

Hi, Kim, don't give up. I love reading your news or not-so-news-blogs.

jason said...

I'm here!
I've been to a few blogs that offer all of those options too, (confusing!)
Just select Google and it will probably ask you to type in your info again....sometimes it's already stored there for you so you don't have to...ultimately, it seems to work. Not sure how however.
I think some bloggers have put that to allow non-google commenters to post comments (because it was hard for them before)

Kim Hambric said...

Leslie, it happens no matter how I approach another blog. If I log into my blog and go through the blogs I follow, I can't do it. If I go into a blog "cold" (a new blog I've never been to before & without signing into mine) the same thing happens.

Mary, thanks for following. Sorry there's not too much news lately. Trying to get over being cranky.

Jason, glad you're there! No matter how many times I select google, I get the shaft. It acts as if it is accepting my comment, then my comment is just gone! Now there are times when all I have to do is select google, and all is well, but if I have to select identity, whether I choose google or not, I can't comment.

I'm starting to take it all personally.

ArtPropelled said...

Extremely frustrating! I had a little trouble a while ago but found if I logged in first it improved. Do you wait long enough before re-posting the comment? I have dial up so everything takes sooooo long I want to pull my hair out but I'm learning patience, which is how I found out that if I wait a while after it blanks out the comment box with my reply shows up again and when I repost it goes through. Phew that was longwinded wasn't it?

Nellie's Needles said...

Your blog is always one that I catch up on when I find the time to be read the many blogs that I don't have time for.

I'd be disappointed if you were to stop.

Kim Hambric said...

Robyn, I tried to wait. It seems I could wait forever -- it's just not going to happen. I googled the problem, got a couple of workarounds but, alas, they don't work for me.

Nellie, Thanks! I needed that.

Kim Hambric said...

Marty, sorry for calling you Mary. I'm having my Monday a little early.

Chris said...

Hey Kim, I am able to leave a comment with no problem. Since we are both on blogspot, it should be OK. I seem to be already signed in as "myself." Of course I am signed in, I can't see my dashboard unless I am. I wonder what is up with you?

Anyway, I am struggling with the blog, too. I read how most people kind of let them stagnate after a while. Just based on that, I hate to be one of those people. I feel crabby, too, lately. I think we should just be crabby if we want to.

lori vliegen said...

hi kim!! i saw your comment on my blog....and so glad that it didn't disappear!! i'm still trying to figure out how telephones work, so believe me, you don't want to hear any computer advice from me! and hey, crabbiness is okay (i think it proves we're normal).....i enjoy the "realness" of your blog! :))

Jackie said...

All you have to do when the select profile box appears is select google blogger. Anyway I got your comment for which I thank you.