Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tired, but Happy

I don't want to get political here in my blog, but I must say I am happy with the election results. Thanks to all of you, no matter who you voted for, for getting out there and doing your job.

I began my day yesterday at 4:15 in the morning. I must have some wake up time before I shower or I can be dangerous to myself. Arrived at my polling place to work a little after six. The line was long when we opened our doors at 7:00. Our little precinct has only 732 registered voters, some of which have died or have recently moved. I'm estimating our turnout to be 80%. Not too bad. Half a mile away on Penn State's campus, 1000 students were lined up to vote at 7:00 am. STUDENTS! These are those folks who usually prefer to sleep late. I'm impressed.

I'm also impressed about the young woman who just left the hospital and came straight to the polls. I'm impressed about the young man who arrived at our precinct (where his voter registration card stated he should vote), only to find out his name was not in our poll book. Our Judge of Elections called headquarters to find out if there was another place he should vote. He was instructed to go to another polling place. After waiting three hours in line there, he was told to come back to us. No call was made on his behalf to see if he could be assisted in any way. He came back to us. He was given a provisional ballot. This young man (boy I feel old saying that sort of thing), was so calm about the entire thing. I'm impressed about the elderly folks in our neighborhood who came in with canes and walkers and supported by the arms of family members. I'm impressed at my mother registering to vote (with much assistance on her family's part) after being a non-voter for about 30 years.

Anyway, job well done people, regardless of who you voted for. If you didn't vote, what the ...?

As of 10 minutes ago, bathroom done, now ready for lotions, soaps, creams, t.p. towels, toothbrushes, unmentionables to be reinstalled. Photos soon.

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