Monday, August 4, 2008

Mid-Life Crisis?!?

As many of you have read, I have recently turned 45.  I have neglected to change my age on the sidebar.  Perhaps I will update that every five years.  I'm realizing that life is too short.  I have decided to work with the colors that make me the happiest and give me the most energy.  I do have those black and brown periods, but I am not in one of those periods now.  I am working on a new series, most possibly entitled "Mid-Life Crisis".  It will be quite similar to my "Spice Route" series.  I will be using the same square structure and sizes.  The pieces will go from lighter to darker.  Such as life does, I guess.  Oooh, that was way toooooo grim.  Perhaps my life is getting brighter and more colorful.  Yeah, that's it.

For some reason, these colors do not photograph very well.  My hubby suggests that I work in colors that do photograph well.  But, that is not the mood I'm in now.  Perhaps working with an updated PhotoShop will make things all better.  We shall see.

To my most recent commenter Sue:  Yes, all can be found at Target.  The process is . . . raid Target.  Return home.  Kick family out.  Go into zen mode or some type of self-induced trance and, well, you're done.  It's beautiful!  Buy it and get "wiggy" with it.  Also, keep blogging.  Update that profile of yours.


paula said...

i say bravo
life is too short to do crap you dont want to do, especially when it is your artwork!

Anonymous said...

45 is a good age, not yet time for a midlife crisis. I have been observing your work now for a week or two (glad I found you) and it is wonderful. Funny thing with what little art I do now, I am leaning towards fiber art and collage work! What a small world! Keep the "Hogie" motion going!