Monday, July 14, 2008

Loot, Booty, Treasure

Here's (most of) my haul from the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts (see post below). I'm beat. Four days of walking to and from, eating festival food, toting treasures. It was actually a great vacation and I didn't have to leave town. The vacation came to me.

Another plus, it is my birthday today & some of those items shown above are gifts to me.

We saw some great bands -- the most entertaining was Luminescent Orchestrii, a contemporary gypsy group. The leader of the band is a circus composer. What more can I say?

The bulk of my purchases (not all shown in photo) was from ceramist Adam Spector. Also joining my newfound love of ceramics is Creative Works Pottery and Tile. I have a fridge covered in their awesome magnets. I have also purchased several necklaces, picture frames, and soon a custom-made mirror. While no purchases were made from Ali Mirsky Mosaics (my pockets were not deep enough), she is on my list for a future purchase. Unfortunately her web site does not do justice to her stunning pieces, but have a peek anyway.

But those 300+ artists have packed up and scattered and there is nothing else to do but continue aging and get back up in my own studio. Perhaps, If I can stand the heat and the pressure of talking to folks for four days straight, I may be out there myself next year.

p.s. Buy Handmade!


Sheree Rensel said...

Gosh, you are a lucky birthday girl!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! All your treasures are beautiful. That black leather purse is GORGEEEEOUS!!!
Have a happy day and rest up from your "vacation"!!

paula said...

I second that:


Kim Hambric said...

Yeah, that black leather purse is a real winner. The smell of hide sucked the ladies into that booth (including me of course). For the past 30 years, I've been toting around cheap purses. For the past 8 years (ever since we've had Target), I've been using $18 target purses. Time to move up.

Denise Aumick said...

Hi Kim.....
Have a VERY Happy Birthday! Enjoy your treasures.

Ellen said...

Happy (belated) birthday! Lucky you indeed! Those patterned pottery pieces are stunning.